Mentally Evolving

Kee Tee's were made from my own personal experiences with mental health. As a mother of five, a significant other, a businesswomen and all the many hats we wear as women; we forget to check in with ourselves. Mental health has become a symbol of RESILIENCE, SUPPORT & ADVOCACY. Our Kee Tee's serve as a tangible representation of the journey towards mental well-being, encouraging conversations and breaking down stigmas surrounding mental health (with a side of giggles). Wearing our Kee Tee's not only raises awareness but also helps someone suffering in silence.

Kee Tee's

Our Kee Sleeves are Ideal for any situation. PURE COMFORT. These garments... 

Nostalgia: noun

A sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. Whether it's reminiscing about playing Nintendo 64 all summer long, the smell of your grandparent's house or hearing your favorite childhood song, we all know the special and unexplainable feeling of nostalgia. This feeling is exactly what I tried to capture when creating our Live Through The Scent candle collection. Each candle has a memory and story behind it.